Changli Arts & Crafts is renowned for its excellence in professional craftsmanship and service. We are inspired to innovate through our craftsmanship and hope to share our works with all art lovers everywhere.
Changli specializes in bamboo, rattan, iron, wood and ceramic arts. We enjoys a large market share internationally in regions such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East . We also aspire to meet the special requirements of many other artistic products from clients worldwide.

With the introduction of modern management into our traditional art making process, we ensure the whole procedure is carefully examined and closely supervised. We strive to achieve a combination of reasonable prices, professional craftsmanship and elaborate art making. Our motto is *Only the best for our clients*. 

Our exquisite art products represent the pursuit of natural beauty and boast values in practical use as well as art collection and artistic appreciation.

Changli sincerely looks forward to your visit and welcomes requests from home and abroad.

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